BUSINESS ENERGY SOLUTIONS for business strive to compare gas and electricity prices from all licenced UK suppliers. If you are interested in seeing how the suppliers on our supplier panel compare then use our free and impartial commercial comparison and switching service. Use our energy price comparison calculators to find the best energy price comparisonOur supplier panel includes E.on Energy.

E.on Energy, or Powergen as it was known as before 2007, is a domestic and business gas and electric supplier. E.on Energy is one of the 'big six' Energy suppliers in the UK, and as it is part of the E.on Group making it one of the biggest energy companies in the world. With over 12,000 employees in the UK and 79,000 worldwide it is able to supply over 5 million homes and businesses with energy in the UK.

E.on Energy is constantly looking to improve their customer satisfaction and is proud that it generates and distributes its own gas and electric. They currently own 21 wind farms across the UK creating a combined 200MW output, which enough energy to power up to 200,000 homes. E.on Energy also owns a wood fired biomass power plant in Lockerbie in Scotland.  With its opening in in March 2008, the £90 million project became the largest biomass plant in the UK. With an output of 44MW it can power up to 70,000 homes across the UK. In conjunction with these green energy sources E.on also owns the only wave power generator in the UK. E.on is on a never ending quest to develop their renewable energy sources and create as much green energy as possible.

E.on also offer support for business energy tariffs. With E.on Business all accounts are managed online by you to help save time and to fit around work schedules. The E.on energy support team also give advice and help when it comes to meter readings and more importantly helping understand your business gas and electric bill. As Part of the service they also offer guides to help business owners cut energy costs and improve the energy efficiency of your business.

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