BUSINESS ENERGY SOLUTIONS for business strive to compare gas and electricity prices from all licenced UK suppliers. If you are interested in seeing how the suppliers on our supplier panel compare then use our free and impartial commercial comparison and switching service. Use our energy price comparison calculators to find the best energy price comparisonOur supplier panel includes Extra Energy.

Launching mid-2014, Extra Energy are newcomers to the UK Energy Market and are a sister company of Extra Energie, a German based supplier who launched in 2010 and has around 2 million customers. They both belong to the Extra Holding Group, run by inspirational entrepreneur Moti Ben-Moshe. Ben-Moshe has a background in software engineering, telecoms and private equity.

Aiming high, Ben-Moshe has set a target of turning the current Big 6 into the Big 7 and by the end of their first year of trading, are aiming for 800,000 customers – this would give them a market share of 3% - and place them as the biggest threat to the Big Six.

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