BUSINESS ENERGY SOLUTIONS for business strive to compare gas and electricity prices from all licenced UK suppliers. If you are interested in seeing how the suppliers on our supplier panel compare then use our free and impartial commercial comparison and switching service. Use our energy price comparison calculators to find the best energy price comparisonOur supplier panel includes First Utility.

Founded in 2008, First Utility is the largest independent utilities supplier in the UK which makes First Utility the seventh-largest energy supplier in the UK - or the first-biggest provider after the big six.

The energy supplier who delivers both gas and electricity has built its brand around being the answer for those fed up with the big six, saying that the energy market is 'old-fashioned, slow and monopolised'. Launching because they believed that the energy market wasn't working for consumers and only working for energy companies. First Utility have stated that they "challenge, rather than accept outdated policies" surrounding energy. By doing this, they created an easier way for consumers to find and switch to a better gas and electricity deal.

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