BUSINESS ENERGY SOLUTIONS for business strive to compare gas and electricity prices from all licenced UK suppliers. If you are interested in seeing how the suppliers on our supplier panel compare then use our free and impartial commercial comparison and switching service. Use our energy price comparison calculators to find the best energy price comparisonOur supplier panel includes SmartestEnergy.

Founded in 2001, SmartestEnergy has grown to become Great Britain's leading purchaser of energy generated by the independent sector. SmartestEnergy are also a UK licensed business electricity supplier to large industrial and commercial organisations.

The supplier wants to play an important role in providing choice and flexibility in a market that is traditionally dominated by major energy producers and suppliers.

SmartestEnergy have managed to help many energy entrepreneurs realise their ambitions and enter the market producing energy. Their Power Purchase Agreement range from blue chip companies to community organisations and large-scale power plants to single wind turbines.

In 2008 SmartestEnergy established a retail business with a unique source-to-supply Business Electricity model. They currently supply well known public and private sectors with renewable electricity.

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