BUSINESS ENERGY SOLUTIONS for business strive to compare gas and electricity prices from all licenced UK suppliers. If you are interested in seeing how the suppliers on our supplier panel compare then use our free and impartial commercial comparison and switching service. Use our energy price comparison calculators to find the best energy price comparisonOur supplier panel includes United Gas & Power.

Formed in 2013, United Gas & Power were previously called Lancaster Gas & Power. The same team and company as Lancaster Gas & Power, United Gas & Power offer a range of different business electricity and gas tariffs to suit businesses of any size.

United Gas & Power have selected gas and electricity tariffs that have no standing charge – meaning customers on those tariffs only pay for the gas and electricity that they use. They also promise a billing platform that will allow customers a flexibility when it comes to paying their bills, United Gas and Power are committed to providing a high level of customer service to all their business customers.

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